Zach Martin Joins the Baby Bulls

Offensive Tackle Zach Martin is a very important recruit for the Irish who are dominating recruiting on the inside of the line, but really need talented tackles. Martin appears to be just that.

The Vitals:

Ht: 6-foot-5
Wt: 270 lbs
Forty: 5 secs
Bench max: 330 pounds
Squat max: 450 pounds
GPA: 3.3

The Book from ESPN:
Martin may be one of the most versatile linemen in the 2009 class. He is an outstanding offensive tackle and defensive lineman that has a great motor and being 6’5″ 275, it’s no surprise he is being highly recruited. Offensively, he comes off the ball low and hard playing with great leverage. Demonstrates great leg drive and locks hands into the defender’s body; big meat hooks really clamp on. Could give a little more punch but this aggressive football player does a great job of sustaining his block. Alert and picks up inside stunts and blitzes like a seasoned veteran. Very mobile for a big man; pulls with authority and athletic enough in the openfield to lock on to linebackers and defensive backs. Has no trouble getting turned upfield and gives that little bit extra to get downfield block. Very solid at pass protection and anchors down with weight underneath him. Uses his hands very well and delivers a jarring blow on the pass rusher. On defense this huge athlete also gives great effort and is very physical. Wrong arms the trap and destroys the double team. Powerful at the point of attack and absolutely cannot get knocked off the line by one blocker. Extremely quick on line stunts and is a menacing pass rusher. Uses hands and to separate from the blocker then disengages to get to the football.Takes good pursuit angles and demonstrates excellent lateral movement. It’s amazing how this big guy can go both ways and never tire. Martin is truly a workhorse that is equally effective both sides of the football. We love his motor on defense, but in the long run his best fit may be on offense as a tackle.

From the Illinois site:

Zach Martin is going to be an all-american in college and Illini fans were all talking about Chris Watt…..Watt will be a good player for ND but not close to being Zach Martin in terms of athletic ability, left tackle potential.

The Skinny:

While it is always fun to beat Michigan for a top tackle, this commitment was important for the Irish just based on need. The Irish needed tackles and Martin comes with a “high potential” tag. If Notre Dame can somehow land Xavier Nixon, the Irish line will be looking solid for years to come.


5 Responses to “Zach Martin Joins the Baby Bulls”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank gosh the days of Ty recruiting 2 lineman in 4 years is over.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t wait for ’09

  3. Anonymous Says:

    as someone on the Michigan board said yesterday

    “Recruits talk about it all the time – leaning one way and commit to the Irish after their visit citing how special it feels to be on campus. Watt mentioned it and so will Martin.”

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great pickup on the outside. Will help Watt and Bullard for a greatlin e in the future

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Shouldn’t the Baby Bulls be forever that bunch that came in with Mike Rosenthal…or at least call these guys the New Baby Bulls or Baby Bulls part deux.

    On second thought those original baby bulls never really jelled as a line and become dominant. So maybe we should just bury the Baby Bulls moniker.

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