They Might Be Giants

One thing I think I think is that Charlie likes to bring in NFL bodies. This is the biggest class I can remember Notre Dame signing and it’s big at every position.

Starting with Dayne Crist at QB at 6’5″ 225lbs. (which is Tom Brady size.) Lining up behind him will be Jonas Gray, who at 214 pounds at just 5’11” is one thick running back. Now look who Crist will be throwing to: 6’3″ Michael Floyd, 6’3″ Deion Walker and 6’3″ John Goodman. And that’s just on the outside, on the inside Tight Ends Rudolph and Fauria are 6’6″ and 6’7″ respectively. That’s 6.44 inches in average height.

I’m a little disappointed at the offensive line haul and Golic and Clelland will need time in the weight room, but Robinson and Cave are 304 and 294lbs respectively.

And we’re just as big, if not as tall on the defensive side of the ball. Newman and Williams are both at 300lbs already. Cynwar is at 284. Johnson is already a 265lb defensive end. KLM is going to be on the milkshake plan but comes with a good sized frame.

Filer is going to be one big muchacho at 6’4″ already, Fleming is 6’2″ 230 and McDonald is 6’3″ 220. Posluzny, despite being one rocked up unit, is the smallest of the bunch, but still at 220 pounds.

ND went for bigger corners in Blanton in Slaughter who both top 6 feet and McCarthy’s listed at 6’2″.

Nothing particularly insightful here, except for the fact that Weis seems to prefer players who won’t have to go through too much physical maturation to see the field.


5 Responses to “They Might Be Giants”

  1. mahern Says:

    Rock- Agree completely with your analysis regarding size- but don’t forget this might be the fastest class signed especially at the skill positions. Great class.

  2. jim / Redondo Beach Says:

    …I’ll take speed over size any day…gone is the strategy of Woody Hayes with three yards and a cloud of dust…if there is anything that has been learned recently, not only with winning BCS teams…but with ND opponents…is that ND is too sloooooow…”size matters” but speed kills…

  3. Says:

    This is, in fact, the tallest recruiting class since 2002. You can always pack more meat on a taller frame. You can’t train height. It’s a nice thing to see here.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sick of midget corners. Need some height to cover these 6’5 WR. Love speed as well, but when you’re only 5’9 175 and get hit by a guy 6’4 240… you’re gonna wanna use that 4.4 speed to run home to mom.

  5. jim / Redondo Beach Says:

    …do you really believe that Lambert and/or Wooden had 4.4 speed?…do you really believe that anyone on the team over the last 15-years even had 4.7 speed?

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