Schadenfreude Friday

Look, we’re fans. We take pleasure in the misery of our greatest rivals.

And this past week or so has been a bonanza for Notre Dame fans heartened by the talent and character of the incoming recruiting class which will be Notre Dame’s best in 25 years.

Meanwhile, Florida’s been taking it on the chin with a loss to unranked Michigan, Meyer putting the blame on his players, Harvey (who reportedly hates Meyer) heading to the NFL, Florida running backs coach Stan Drayton defecting to Tennessee with this parting shot:

“The offense we were running in Florida did not have much involvement with the running back,” he said during a news conference Wednesday night. “There was some frustration there, I must be honest with you.”

and now outlet after outlet slamming Meyer’s recruiting tactics and lack of character.

This was recently posted on

“While Gator fans will sit and give excuses or spin the details of what is going on, there is no denying that it seems like the UF staff flat out lies to these kids. Here is a quote from Trent Pupello (a player they initially compared to Jeremy Shockey), who is looking to leave the program this year: “Coach (Steve) Addazio (UF tight ends coach) told me to work on my speed,” Pupello said. “He didn’t say that my speed was slow or anything. He just said that everything (at this level) is faster. I need to work on speed and getting stronger, which is pretty much what we all need to work on. He said that they need me at tight end, that I’ll have an early chance to play and that all of the tight ends will play on the special teams.

The examples are endless. Who is next to fall to the wayside at UF?”

And from the Michigan site:

“The University of Florida stayed on the four star pass-catcher well all the way through. Things crescendoed recently after a conversation with Urban Meyer. According to Stonum, Meyer had a compelling reason why he should become a Gator. “He told me that he talked to Coach Carr and Coach Soup and that they told him that I would be a much better fit in the Florida offense than I would be in the one at Michigan,” Stonum recalled. “I thought, wow, my coaches are selling me out.? I confronted them about it. I asked Coach Carr and Coach Soup about it and they said they never talked to that guy and that there was no way they ever said anything like that and that they think I should be a Wolverine. I believed them. Right then, I knew just how Florida rolled.?”

And of course you can’t tell the story about the Jevan Snead story enough (recounted in the
book MeatMarket:)

“Funniest thing I read in it concerned what Urban Meyer told Jevan Snead.

Snead had watched outside the lines special on Tebow in which it showed Meyer and OC Dan Mullen in the stands. Problem was, Meyer had told Snead, committed at the time, that he was the only quarterback they were going after. When Snead asked Meyer about it, Meyer responded, “We are recruiting him for linebacker.”

I had heard that before, but got a big kick out of reading it in the book straight from Snead.”

For Notre Dame fans, it’s been fun to watch the Michigan coaching debacle with Michigan men split over whether “DickRod’s” recruiting tactics and schemes will pass Michigan muster. Star talent Ryan Mallet left the program by taking this parting shot at Rodriguez (though he was just being honest,) “Tell me how many guys have run the spread and mad it past college?”

Yeah, that’ll help recruiting.

** Note the Detroit Free Press ran equal opinion pieces on Terrell Pryor


13 Responses to “Schadenfreude Friday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As long as no man respresenting UND or its football team displays anything but honesty and respect towards others, there is nothing wrong with enjoying “joy in the misery of others”.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Here here

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Amen. What goes around is coming around for Meyer who is an inveterate poacher and degenerate.

  4. Sean F Says:

    FYI – It’s schadenfreude, or “harmful joy” in German

    Interesting article – Recruiting, it’s always full of people who are natural used-car salesmen.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Even though Urban Liar is shaddy, gotta admit he’s pretty much cleaned up recruiting over the last 3 years. Only USC can compete talent wise. They have a ton of 4-5 star recruits for whatever that means.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Sean F- It is Schadenfreude you are correct. It DERIVES from Schaden(harmful) Freude(joy). So yes in the literal translation you are correct. However in this context it means ‘pleasure taken from someone else’s misfortune’. Google it.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the German lesson. Now let’s remember that it’s not “Here, here” (what would that mean?) but “Hear, hear.” Not being critical; just correcting. I often make similar mistakes.

  8. jack Says:

    I asked Christa what does Shadenfreude mean. She explained,”An example would be, if you told a nasty joke about someone and laughed about it. That would be Shadenfreude.”

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The Free Press opinion piece about why Pryor should choose Ohio State over Michigan was a point-counterpoint. The column about why Pryor should choose Michigan ran three days before the one referenced in this post. Here is a link:

  10. Anonymous Says:

    the best example of schadenfreude is this posting. in Florida’s misfortunes, we, Irish fans, take a great deal of pleasure.

    honestly, does the NCAA do anything at all? moreover, you would think that ND with their relationship with NBC would be sitting down in the offseason and going over with them how to protect their “product” so to speak. remember a couple of years ago that piece that they did on SC’s education standards–the one where they pointd out that everyone in the football program was taking identical classes? NBC should be runnning more of those. after all, it’s not as though we’ve started this, we’d simply be responding to the negative onslaught of media that hits us every year.

    ND and NBC, get your heads in the game.

  11. yz Says:

    shouldn’t it be schadenfriday?

  12. Oh Oh! Says:

    There, there…

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Character sets ND apart from other schools. I get the feeling that Urban Liar wouldn’t still be here if he would have been hired at ND.

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