Poster Mike Regan took a look at our 2004 recruiting class:

Look at 2004:

Terrail Lambert (starting CB)
Junior Jabbie (career backup tailback who left team and came back)
Anthony Vernaglia (career backup who started the season with first team as OLB. Lost job to true freshman).
Leo Ferrine (career backup who is 3rd team corner).
Darrin Bragg (career backup at QB, moved to receiver, quit team, came back as show team QB).
Justin Brown (career backup at DL who starts this year when healthy, but has high ankle sprain).
Darius Walker (two year starter, in NFL).
David Wolke (backup QB, transferred to Western Kentucky)
Maurice Crum (2nd year starter at LB).
Ronald Talley (backup DL who transferred to Delaware).
John Kadous (backup OL, who quit football still in school)
Abdel Banda (back problems forced him to give up football prior to sophomore season)
Brandon Nicholas (transferred to Colorado)
Chauncey Incarnato (transferred to Indiana because he couldn’t play. Couldn’t play there either, then transferred to a I-AA school where he is a backup).
Justin Hoskins (transferred to I-AA)
Christopher Vaughn (kicked out of school for legal troubles. Transferred to Louisville where he was subsequently kicked off team).
Tregg Duerson (son of famous alum Dave Duerson). Not offered by any other I-A program. Ended up leaving the team and staying in school. Scored his first career touchdown a couple of weeks ago as an intramural football player in interhall football.

So that is the current senior class.
Only the following guys still with the team:
QB Darrin Bragg
TB Junior Jabbie
DL Justin Brown
LB Anthony Vernaglia
LB Maurice Crum
CB Terrail Lambert
CB Leo Ferrine

As an addendum, how would you rate the class as it stands now?

Out of that group, only Brown, Crum and Lambert play many meaningful minutes.

A senior class should be counted on for much, much more than that, but as you can see they are pretty much non existent.

The junior class is not much better with a couple of guys no longer with the team and the ’05 class’ top rated player, D.J. Hord, coming off a ruptured achillies which is a career altering/ruining injury. The only other four star player in that class was Joey Hiben, who quit the team to concentrate on architecture, then transferred to Minnesota where he is currently a 3rd team walk-on defensive end.

Top players in the junior class are David Grimes (injured last three games), Pat Kuntz, Turkovich and David Bruton who is turning into an stellar Free Safety.


9 Responses to “Senioritis”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is what the general public doesn’t know. Very insightful look at the lack of inexperience/ senior leadership on this team. ND will be back in the spotlight in 2009 and hopefully every year thereafter. Good post…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I appreciate the intelligence of the observations and the thoroughness of the stats – as always – but I’m left with one source of disturbance that extends into this year and its mess. I’ve never seen in let’s just say more than four decades of devotion to ND football the number of players on scholarship who have transferred or otherwise left the team. The points about the seniors recruited by TW is well taken, but the number of players recruited by CW who have also transferred or left raises eyebrows – and concerns.

  3. Colonialhead Says:

    Spot on. You don’t realize how truly bad that 2004 class is until it is laid out in black and white for you in this manner. I’m glad somebody finally said it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is a really good snapshot of the severity of ND’s problem. I think the two key take-aways from this post are 1) With the makeup of this team and the schedule this year, Weis had a MONUMENTALY difficult task ahead of him this year and B) Weis has done a very poor job and failed badly with that monumental task. He needs to take 95% of the blame for the way this team has played. 1-7 is one thing, 1-7 with seven double digit loses and three 30+ point loses is another. Did Joe Moore have a son? Our O Line needs some real coaching in a major way. I do think (and hope) that Weis will learn from this year and not make the same mistakes, but I think the jury is still out and he needs to prove he can be a head coach at the college level vs. just a very smart football schemer/strategist. Here’s to better days ahead. (Can you do the same analysis with the Junior Class?)

  5. Jason Gradel Says:

    The recruiting conversation and senior class status is wearing thin at this point. I understand there simply isn’t a decent level of talent, but the offense isn’t any better today then they were in week 1. Sure, the sack count is down, but that’s about it.
    I expected about a .500 season, but that appears to have been a pipe dream.
    Next year will be the ultimate test since CW will have 3 recruiting classes and teams such as USC, Florida and OSU all ave demonstrated the ability to win with Fr and So.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    A noteworthy omission from your Junior class list would be Paul Duncan.

    All things considered…GO IRISH!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You did a good job of summarizing where all of these players ended up (mostly nowhere except for Crum and maybe Lambert). What I’m curious to know is where did they start from? How high on these guys were we (fans) during that recruiting period? Did we just have blinders on and were praying that we’d find some gems? I know it’s been outlined before how these classes were rated, it would just be nice to see that alongside this article. Bottom line is: I’m hoping our last few (and upcoming) supposedly great recruiting classes don’t turn out the same way, because then it points to coaching/development.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I think I’ve seen ND-haters cite this blog’s posts when they want to bash ND. They’ll point to predictions posted here that ND would win somewhere around 8 to 9 games this year despite the talent gap and lack of senior leadership.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The constant citation of the weakness of our junior and senior classes is really getting old. Yes, our junior and senior classes stink. I don’t think many coaches could do better than .500 or maybe a win over with this talent, but we are failing to even compete against mediocre teams and are in last or close to last place in virtually every offensive category. It would be one thing if the team was 1-7 and competing, losing relatively close games, or at least putting up some points or moving the ball, but that’s not happening. What is more disturbing is Weis’ apparent failure to recognize before the season started how horrible his team was going to be. If he had any clue that this team would start 1-7 and be unable to compete at the most fundamental level, I doubt he would have risked embarassing himself and the team with the “keep the opening day QB secret” nonsense.

    I agree that Weis doesn’t have much to work with and I had written this season off as a rebuilding year before it began.

    But let’s be honest. If Weis had taken over for Davie instead of Willingham, and had the same record as he does now, he would be canned after this season. But the University can’t keep firing coaches after 3 years, so he’ll be here next year. However, if there is no significant improvement in 2008, he’ll be out of a job.

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