BC’s Disdain

BC/ND – it has indeed become a sore point for ND fans, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. No one wants to lose to BC again, but it’s for reasons off the football field as much as on. From their players trashing of the visitor Dame locker room, defecating in the locker room, tearing up ND turf like a high school team and intentionally disrupting pep rallies to BC fans pouring beer on kids, throwing garbage and spitting on ND fans (at Notre Dame,) BC has shown a disdain for Notre Dame and its traditions unlike any school on the schedule in recent years.

Oh, and they’ve won four straight and stubbed ND’s toe on the way to the championship in 1993.

So yeah, you want to beat a team like that. In fact, I’ll put it at the top of my list this year because of the timing.

I want to beat BC and hope we can play the game of our lives to do it. But in the larger context, it doesn’t matter much. It actually had the makings of a decent rivalry, but it’s never going to get there. It’s never going to be a consistent bigger picture game especially with BC pulling a Fredo and heading the ACC.

Instead it’s a grudge match. And the only thing Notre Dame players, despite being younger, can do is smash them in the mouth and beat them. I’ll take no great pride in a win, but I will take a lot of joy in it, simply because they’ve been egging our house and toilet papering our trees for so long. No one really wants to hate BC. It’s a good school that graduates players in a heavily Irish city, but really, you can’t help but dislike a fan base and teams that consistently exhibit such outward disdain.

It hasn’t been a very honorable game filled with tradition, it’s more of feud that’s born out of lack of respect, so it will never be at a level of USC or even Navy.

It’s time to end this and send them back to their ACC life of half-full stadiums and fifth fiddle standing in Boston Sports. Do I think we’ll beat them this year? Probably not unless the players take this burden upon their shoulders and let it drive them to an upset.

There is, however, a chance.

Coach Weis handled this well:

COACH WEIS: I think it’s a very good natural rivalry, but the problem is they’re in the ACC and we’re an independent, so they’re tied into a whole bunch of ACC games, and that isn’t really our deal. When Kevin and John try to get games scheduled for ten years out, it’s usually a little bit easier to get Big East scheduled teams than it is to get ACC scheduled teams. It was a little easier when they were in the Big East, but when they left the Big East to go to the ACC, it wasn’t as natural of a fit.

Obviously, you’re not playing for the National Championship this year but do you feel your team can have a role affecting a team that is in the national hunt?

“Obviously, when you know you have some teams ahead in your schedule that it could affect, you’re not playing to be spoilers; you’re playing to win that game. It’s not where I’m playing to try to beat Boston College to ruin their chances. But that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to be playing to win. So I don’t find any solace in the fact that you could put a damper on somebody else’s season. I think it’s more important that we do something good for ours.”

So this is not a motivation factor?

“No, no personal motivation factor. I think the most important thing is that we have one win and we’re trying to get number two. I have to be concerned with our program; I can’t be concerned with theirs. I think that’s really the biggest motivation driving me.”


29 Responses to “BC’s Disdain”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t forget their fans who arrive at ND pep rallies with the sole purpose of disrupting them.

    Have any of those douchebags ever been to a pep rally on their campus?

    I’d love to see the ND students defend our turf and charge into their section, and beat them into submission.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Their lack of resepct for our tradition stems from the absence of their own. ’93 was a joke and revenge is a word that should flow through our locker room pre and post game. Go Irish.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is the one we want this year. Go out and play the greatest game of your young careers boys! Fans…WE ARE ND not anything like BC and their cave dwelling followers!

  4. CAFB4ND Says:

    Never forget that this group has never won a damn thing in their lives. They have no tradition to speak of and as pointed out they are at best the fifth most interesting sports team in Boston. Ergo, they are full of jealous disdain. They don’t have the tradition or success of USC, Navy or, even Michigan to point to or hang their hat on. As such all they can do is try and drag down the accomplishments of those that surround them. Whatever happens on Saturday they still have to live with the fact that they are BC.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    If anyone did those things in my facinity i would drop kick them in the spine when they weren’t looking. it would be worth getting life. nobody should show that kind of disrespect in any circumstance.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    As a graduate of both schools (ND 79/BC 91), I feel that can provide a balanced view. USC, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and others run class, tradition rich programs. BC has had recent relative success compared to ND, but their single Heismann winner and best final #4 AP ranking shows that they still are and will probably always be second tier. Until they win a National Championship, their greatest football achievement ever will be upsetting Miami.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Do you wonder why BC fans (in Boston) are known as:MASSHOLES ?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    They defecated in our locker room? That’s BC: Boston Crap!

    We need to kick their combined asses tomorrow. They need to learn how to wipe their asses, over a proper toilet, back in Boston, where they belong.

    Why did we even bother with the Boston crappers? I don’t get it.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    “Eagles lay eggs—not chicks.”

  10. Sean Says:

    Disclaimer: I am a ND fan who hates to lose to BC. Was at the ’93 game, watched Kevin McDougal do his best Joe Montana impression. Heart-broken.

    Would it kill us to say that BC has a really good team this year? That they play their best football against us? have we given them enough billboard material this week with the “Don’t charge the field” letters to the Observer?

  11. hiking_eagle Says:

    Come on now, be fair. SOME of the disdain is inspired by ND fans. when I attended games at ND in 2002 and 2004, I sat with my cousin, an ND student, and was spat on and called some seriously derogatory names.

    It’s also ND fans like that wonderful student body representative on Cold Pizza who taunt BC for being a “backup college.” As a woman who was accepted into both schools at the same time as her cousin, I recognize that each of us chose the best school fit for OURSELVES.

    Can’t we recognize that ND and BC share a great Catholic tradition of education and have some bonding? Let’s hope for an exciting game tomorrow.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I was on the field in ’93 and saw them punch one of our female drum majors just to get on the field. Most likely a bunch of drunk Southies. Please beat these drunk idiots like a drum !!! Just a bunch of ND rejects.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I live in Boston and a life long ND fan, and to be honest I’m ashamed of the way BC fans act at ND. We went to a game a few years ago, the last time we beat them at ND and we were in the BC fan section. It was horrible, the language, the drunkness, I was with my 12 year old son. Thank God for the ushers..who expelled them. BC will never be accepted as a Boston team. A bunch of rich kids gone wild

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Reality check: Very few kids applying to BC consider it a “back-up” school to ND. The latest US News & WR rankings have ND at #19 and BC at #35. Most kids would gladly sacrifice 16 slots to be in Boston rather than Indiana (and, hey, the two law schools are tied in the law school rankings at #28). Bottom line: they’re both pretty good schools, but not nearly as well-regarded as their students think. I suspect ND fares slightly better in the rankings because there are no women there (i.e., you might as well study). Okay, there are technically women enrolled but I’ve been there — it’s not pretty. As for football, how one feels about ND should be about the same as how one feels abut the Yankees. A lot of history to brag about, embarassingly underachieving performaces of late despite a huge talent advantage, and a consistently obnoxious (and often delusional) fan-base. At least BC is on the upswing.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Well, you know there is one thing that most BC grads have that no ND grad will ever get.

    A rejection letter from Notre Dame!

  16. Alan Says:

    Folks. Stop a minute and think about the most obnoxious ND fan you’ve met. Then decide whether you think it would be fair for someone to describe you because of the way he/she acts. I know I would object–and that is why I won’t go that route. ND and BC have more in common than most schools and the majority of the BC (and ND) fans are not the morons and boneheads decried here. Stop feeding on the hate–root for a victory for the right reasons and you really will enjoy life more.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been curious about this for a while. Why is it such a big deal to Notre Dame fans that Boston College left the Big East? It’s not like ND is a full member, so why does it matter?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    It’s really nothing more than another example of Notre Dame hubris to thing that everyone at BC would rather be at Notre Dame. It probably comes from the fact that many kids who long to be at ND also apply to BC and Georgetown. The reality is that not everyone longs to go to school in a midwestern rustbelt town no matter how illustrious its tradition and reputation. Most people at BC are of a more urban mindset, and never considered going to school in Indiana. BC has a much higher crossover application rate with Harvard, NYU, and Georgetown.

    As for not “respecting” ND’s traditions, we just think a lot of them are hokey, and the sort of things that develops when you are incestuous and in the middle of nowhere. You are correct, BC doesn’t really do pep rallys. You know why? Because there are other things to do in Boston on a Thursday or Friday night before a game … like maybe go to Fenway and watch the sox, or attend a concert, or go to an Italian place in the north end, or head to Harvard Square.

    To correct another comment on here, most kids at BC are not from Boston. The term Masshole is generally applied to some of the more colorful and ignorant locals without advanced education. It is not a term applied to college kids in Boston.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    BC is a talentless school with no schedule I hope ND destoys them. The things they have done over the years at ND is from being jealous!!!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Picture the most obnoxious ND player…can you EVER picture any ND coach over its entire history allowing him to crap in the opposing team’s locker room, tear up turf, and destroy property, etc. Honestly, it isn’t about whose fans are worse…its about the conduct. ND fan would be outraged at that conduct from one of his players…you all seem to deflect and change the focus…I like the school, the fans are no worse, but the program has zero tradition, and as such, players/coaches will never feel the weight of responsibility for carrying said tradition in a proud fashion. End of discussion!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Have you ever been to Boston? These fans have no idea how to really root for a team w/o being a buch of A Holes? I now live in Boston and have always been a BC fan, but if these things you say are true… what a bunch of losers…

    I have been to 2 BC/Irish games and the Irish fans have gone out of thier way to make me feel at home. And I, when the opp team comes to town, try my best to make them feel at home… Just why the hate?

  22. mathuna Says:

    I agree with Alan, BC has more in common with ND than many of you may want to admit. I am a BC grad and have always been a ND fan. We in Boston have always been proud of our brother school ( the Boston Globe once refered to ND as BC’s older cousins) No two Cathoilc schools should not have a fan bases that dislikes each other we are the same. No question that the BC fans have a long way to go before they even understand the class the ND fans have. You guys know how to win (and unfortunately lose) with class. BC can learn a great deal from ND. But not from some of the ND fans that I have been reading this week. I am a BC grad, I bleed maroon and gold (the papal colors); I never wanted to go to ND but have always been a fan of ND. I root for ND every week save one (this one). Go BC, and Go ND..beat USC!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Boston College has greatly increased its national reputation, its athletics programs (football, basketball, hockey, etc.), and student admissions over the past twenty years. Notre Dame fans should be proud of another Catholic school that had modeled many of its traits on ND, rather than slander a brother school.

  24. AJ L Says:

    Does ND have obnoxious fans? Sure, of course we do. Does BC? No doubt. Every school does, but I’ve been at enough ND games both home and away to see how fans can be as a collective whole. Typically, you won’t see ND fans showing disrespect to other schools and their fans whether we’re at home or not. Win or lose, we’re nice to everybody. Maybe we shouldn’t be, but that’s how it is. Just observe tailgates over the next few games and years if you can, beer, food, hot dogs, burgers, and brats are given away willingly to whomever and there’s always hospitality shown to other fans if want it. BC fans, can’t really say I’ve seen other schools fans act the way they do when they come here. You can’t help but get pissed off. Maybe they’re too delusional from drinking. Sometimes you wish that some of us would be as drunk just so we wouldn’t care to beat down some of them, but hey, that’s not us. It really is different with BC. You all can argue otherwise, but those who are in the know, know, and we don’t like it. I don’t know what else to say. Freakin Go Irish. Take it from em tomorrow.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    My youngest brother played basketball at Holy Cross and played BC every year while he was there (beating them his senior year), and I attended a number of those games. I can attest first hand that the BC fans as a whole are a bunch of classless louts.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    BC is a backup college – according to Business Week’s last undergrad rankings, only about 30% of those accepted actually attend. So, it’s not a first choice school, which you could say means it’s a backup choice or “safe” school in the application process.

    As for Indiana being a bunch of inbreds, I don’t think anyone from Massachussets should criticize any other state. After all, you’ve continually re-elected a killer (Teddy Kennedy), a sexual predator (Garry Studds) and an enabler for a pimp (Barney Frank). There’s some enlightened voters!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    How can we seriously call Boston College a ‘good’ school academically? Its a third rate school for ND rejects. Their students are angry and jealous at ND because they couldn’t get in, and so these BC fans lash out in anger.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    BC beat ND so who gets bragging rights for being the better school? BC. I’m an ND grad and my hat is off to BC for being the better team. Maybe some year we’ll beat them, but until then, BC gets bragging rights.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I have never seen an ND team look this bad. BC played okay. ND in the first half was really bad. Maybe the second half QB will help you guys, but at end of the day, you guys need to start looking at joining a conference. NBC is not going to carry you in the future. This is a good summary of ND football.


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