Jersey Redux and Going Jumbo

Folks, I was having fun with the Jersey thing (who knew this would start a real discussion.) Charlie really uses it effectively to relate to Jersey recruits.

For reference, those places to the left of New York: 908, 201,973, etc. are Jersey. 609 and 856 are South Jersey… People from outside of Jersey don’t realize that South Jersey is a different state (and home to the Jersey Devil.)

As for Saturday, would anyone else like to see ND “Go Jumbo” against BC’s 240 lb ends and 5’9″ cornerbacks?

I’d love to see Charlie line up Ragone, Kamara, Yeatman and Carlson up tight then split Ragone out and just throw it up for grabs to whomever their smurfs were covering. Or you could split Carlson wide then pack them in and run at the corners.

Maybe we could line Chris Stewart up as a fullback… this is probably why I’m not a coach.

I’d love to see ND pull this one off, but we’re facing a very, very experienced BC team with 12 fifth year starters and the best quarterback in the country.

We probably have more talent, but are just too green to beat a seasoned QB like Ryan with a such an experienced cast.


7 Responses to “Jersey Redux and Going Jumbo”

  1. robert t. gilleran Says:

    1. when the nd team chemistry has gelled as it did at the rose bowl after the baptism of fire in those 5 ugly losses and in the hard hitting practices that followed, we like the chances of these nd players against a fine boston college team.
    2. we would not be surprised to see those jumbo packages that you referred to and a lot of other surprises this saturday.
    3. being green is never a problem for notre dame unless it is a problem, as it was in those 1st 5 games.
    4. hell, green jerseys would not even surprise us. after all, are we not supposed to be green?
    5. we are convinced that this notre dame team can and will beat boston college this saturday.
    6. after all, we saw the 1993 win by boston college over notre dame when, on paper, boston college did not have a chance.

    go irish!!
    bob gilleran and family

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been hoping to see a rived full house backfield around the goal line all year! Put Aldridge, Hughes and whomever back there and pound it in!

  3. Alex Says:

    We 732 folks are as Jersey as they come. Where do you think Bon Jovi and Bruce grew up? Yup, 732.

  4. Anthony Says:

    732 is where its at.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    amen on the NJ distinction…South Jersey might as well be Philly

  6. Scott Michael Engler Says:

    There was no dis of 732 intended.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I believe the Green Jerseys have been bad luck for us. I am from the “609” area and indeed there is some difference, but it also stretches up north jersey as well.
    I can’t comment on Boston college, I have not seen them play at all this year, at that, have they even played any ranked teams yet?

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