There’s a Bad News on the Rise

Have you seen Rudolph, Slaughter and Hafis Williams (click and scroll down for video?)

The incoming talent level will soon be it’s highest overall since 1993. I’m sure y’all are wondering why I’m so damn positive this year.

I’m actually giddy.

And it’s because of Hunter (click on Hunter Dominates,) Rudolph and Johnson. Guys we’re taking away from the best programs in the country. They’re the guys we just don’t have now, but will be clogging running lanes for years to come. Making plays in the backfield, burning linbebackers, disrupting offenses. We’re going to be hurting people. If you haven’t seen these players, you ought to.

ND has the number one recruiting class in the country coming on the heels of two straight top ten recruiting classes.

Here’s what this means: We’re finally a program school again, which means we’re not going to get caught in a crappy year like this any time soon. It also means we have an intelligent hard working coach who busted his ass to balance three straight top classes out. That’s been the missing piece for ND football. We’ve had one good year followed by a bad year or in this case two awful years.

Guys like Hunter and Johnson and Fleming and Filer and Blanton and McCarthy are all future NFL players.

Every program wanted them.

We’ve got them and now have an aggressive DC to go with one of the most proven minds in offensive football.

Has Weis screwed up this year?


But he screwed up trying to fix a very tough situation with no breaks in the schedule. He had to try something and I give him credit for reaching outside of his comfort zone.

But much more important than any crap this year, is that next year we’re all going to be wildly optimistic about the future of Notre Dame.

Every single one of you.

I guarantee your heart will be racing in the spring time watching Allen and Tate and Kamara and Clausen work with an experienced offensive line while the mother load of defensive recruiting waits to shore up our pathetic depth.

It’s coming and none of the next games or what any talking head says will matter. If you focus on the growing pains this year, you’re going to miss what’s right around the corner.

It’s coming.

I haven’t felt this way since 1992. Here are the Scout breakdowns of this class. Hunter will likely rise to a five start recruit and Williams to a four start.

Pos Nat’l
School, Hometown
Video HT/ WT/ 40 Commit Date Signed LOI? Commit School
MLB 3 Steve Filer
(Mount Carmel HS)
Chicago, IL
6-4/220/4.65 07/24/2007
Notre Dame
S 9 Dan McCarthy
(Cardinal Mooney HS)
Youngstown, OH
6-2/190/4.48 07/16/2007
Notre Dame
DE 4 Ethan Johnson
(Lincoln HS)
Portland, OR
6-4.5/265/4.90 06/27/2007
Notre Dame
S 14 Jamoris Slaughter
(Tucker HS)
Tucker, GA
6-1/180/4.50 06/27/2007
Notre Dame
CB 9 Robert Blanton
(David W Butler HS)
Matthews, NC
6-1/175/4.50 06/20/2007
Notre Dame
DT 9 Omar Hunter
(Buford HS)
Buford, GA
6-2/297/4.90 06/04/2007
Notre Dame
DT 21 Brandon Newman
(Pleasure Ridge Park HS)
Louisville, KY
6-1/305/5.05 05/26/2007
Notre Dame
OG 8 Lane Clelland
(Mc Donogh School)
Owings Mills, MD
6-5/265/4.90 05/03/2007
Notre Dame
DT 32 Hafis Williams
(Elizabeth HS)
Elizabeth, NJ
6-4/295 05/02/2007
Notre Dame
SLB 7 Darius Fleming
(St. Rita HS)
Chicago, IL
6-2/219/4.57 04/21/2007
Notre Dame
TE 11 Joseph Fauria
(Crespi Carmelite HS)
Encino, CA
6-7/250 04/21/2007
Notre Dame
QB 4 Dayne Crist
(Notre Dame HS)
Sherman Oaks, CA
6-4.5/225/4.70 04/19/2007
Notre Dame
MLB 7 Anthony McDonald
(Notre Dame HS)
Sherman Oaks, CA
6-3/220/4.55 04/11/2007
Notre Dame
WLB 24 David Posluszny
(Hopewell SHS)
Aliquippa, PA
6-2/214/4.60 04/06/2007
Notre Dame
TE 1 Kyle Rudolph
(Elder HS)
Cincinnati, OH
6-7/235/4.70 03/26/2007
Notre Dame
DT 16 Sean Cwynar
(Marian Central Catholic HS)
Woodstock, IL
6-4/283 03/06/2007
Notre Dame
WR 33 John Goodman
(Bishop Dwenger HS)
Fort Wayne, IN
6-3/186 03/03/2007
Notre Dame
C 6 Braxston Cave
(Penn HS)
Mishawaka, IN
6-3/292 03/03/2007
Notre Dame
OG 26 Michael Golic
(Northwest Catholic HS)
West Hartford, CT
6-5/265 02/19/2007
Notre Dame

23 Responses to “There’s a Bad News on the Rise”

  1. Lori Says:

    While it’s good to hear things are looking up for the future ND teams, it doesn’t make this season any easier to watch.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Your damn right

  3. domer Says:

    OK.. i can understand trying to find the silver lining in this nightmare of a season, but isn’t it a bit premature to say that these guys are future NFL players? They haven’t even seen the field yet at the college level.

    yes, we’re all excited for them, but simply having good athletes doesn’t mean we’re necessarily going to be winning championships.

    Perhaps I’m just jaded and tired of people trying to make me drink even MORE kool aid, but I’ve had more than enough of that over the past 3 seasons.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have to admit this year is a tough pill to swallow, but Rock, you’re 100% right. We’ve got, what, 8 scholarship seniors? What major program has any sort of success with only 8 seniors on scholarship?
    I’ve also just about had it with ESPN saying that this is not Chauncey’s fault. It is completely, absolutely, and unequivically his fault. You have to keep in mind that Chas really has only 2 recruiting classes that are truly his (2008 excluded). The guy was tied up until February after he was hired with his former employer, a team called the New England Patriots.
    It’ll be nice to be reminded what depth is like again. It’s just a shame that we are still stuck with the legacy of futility left by Chauncey and it’s a crock that Weis has to be subjected to it. For a guy who has known nothing but success this year has got to be sickening.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I just hope we keep them. I think with the way our year has gone, and the desertions we have had in the past, we’ll be lucky to not lose recruits. The teams that we compete with big time, USC, Florida, and now even Illinois, are all having decent years, and USC might be unbeatable AGAIN. If you were an 18 year old college kid reading all the crap the national press is saying about Notre Dame, and you had the chance to go to LSU or USC or Florida, I think it might be hard to resist.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think some of your star ratings are inaccurate compared to rivals, scout, and espn. Also, ND NEEDS a WR more than anything else on that recruiting list. We have to land Mike Floyd.

  7. gutsmo Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    At least there won’t be a bowl loss this year, right?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This is GREAT news! However, none of these players have signed their LOI, and all of them committed to ND before the season started.

    My guess is that every school that missed out is calling these guys saying, “If you go to ND, you will not be playing for a NC and your future football career could be in jeopardy.”

    My feeling is that there are guys on this list who are watching the next three games closely. If we can pull out an upset, or at least show progress that we can hang with the big schools, they will be more excited about coming to help build the future.

    If we get blown out and progress is not shown, Weis and team will have a more difficult time convincing these guys to still come to ND. I would say we are on the verge of a tipping point over the next month.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I worry about how many of these guys are going to be defections before Signing Day based on the results of this years team

  11. connor_in Says:

    I too am optimistic about the future…if Cave and Golic are the worst of our class, then things look pretty nice!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Kyle Rudolph is an absolute beast. I graduated last year from the his high school, Elder High School. I had the pleasure of watching him last year. He is big, fast, and has great hands. He is especially effective in the red zone because he creates matchup problems with defenses. The only thing that Rudy needs to do is bulk up a little when he gets to college, but that will happen. I look forward to watching him play next year for the Irish.

    PS. Mike Brey aught to know, Rudolph also is two time defending Greater Catholic League player of the year in basketball

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I want every lineman on offense and defense to study that look in Mr. Hunter’s his eyes and emulate it for 4 quarters.
    Nice article. Thanks!

  14. Derf Says:

    Heard that Omar Hunter received an offer from USC and is reprtedly beginning to question his Irish commitment. We can’t lose this one.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I just heard Gary Danielson on WFAN in NY and he suggested that the recruiting classes are not as good as we are led to believe. He suggested that players are elevated to a 4 or 5 when ND offers them a scholarship. I happen to agree with you that ND will be back with a strong club next year and have a great year in 2009.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. ND will grow from all this in yrs. to come.Keep the Faith !! Go Irish !!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, we had the toughest schedule in the country. If we had michigan state’s schedule, we probably would have been 4-0 as well. Yet, nobody in the media will acknowledge that fact as well as how Willingham is responsible for this season. The SEC’s schedule is overhyped compared to what we faced.

  18. Ben Says:

    As an alum and serious fan, while I share your excitement for the future (esp. the current incoming class), my only worry is how many of these guys are ultimately lured away by Zooker, Meyer and the rest of the bozos who I’m guessing send the following text daily, “You’re not seriously still thinking about going to that trainwreck of a program, are you?”

    Remember, these commitments are only verbal and Signing Day is still a long ways off. I hate to write it, but each successive loss, player departure, and ESPN talking head derisive comment about our program must only make the recruits’ second guessing thoughts that much worse.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    We’ve got to hold on to them!!! So far, so good…but we all need to light a candle at church to make sure these young men don’t drink the Zook kool-aids of College Football. Even Poodle nuts @ USC has publicly said he’s doing everything he can to steal Hunter…And we all know that there are schools out there that spare no expense (literally) to get their recruits!

    Good post, though! I’m with ya’!

  20. jim, mo Says:

    This was reported earlier by Johnathan on

    I am curious as to where you go your reviews of these players. Yes they were wanted by every team in the country, and yes they are going to turn out program around.

    As far as I know we only have two five stars however, not four or five. Thats what I want to see at ND again. I want to see us get those four and five players.

  21. Domer Fan In Niles Says:

    I have to agree. The incoming class and the next few years will more than make up for the abuse that “True” Domer fans have been taking this year. It has been a difficult year but looking at the next few years – awesome. I will say that I am getting tired of the Sillingham and Wiess comparisons. There is no comparison. Wiess can recruit and not kill a system and Sillingham can not. As for the “National” and even local, here in Michiana, press making a big deal the Irish are losing – stuff it. They are the same ones that said that said that the Irish would be lucky to go 2-6 to start the year. They are getting better. True Domer fans stay with our team. Band wagon jumpers – I will welcome you back next year – with some teasing.

  22. Irish Duffy98 Says:

    Nice, Scott! I’m with you! When you dropping some more secrets on me buddy?

    Take care,

  23. Chris Says:

    That is some good talent coming in for sure. I like what I see on the D and the O line…Let’s finish this year strong and be ready to shock the world next year.

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