Recruits are Savvy

****This was shared by Art Fern (rock’s house)

Recruits are savvy enough to know

· That Weis already had a verbal commitment from Frazer and a strong feelers coming from the reopened Mustain camp when Weis accepted Jones’ verbal commitment over Mustain’s

· That Weis eliminated Frazer, not Jones from the competition after spring practice

· That Weis would have chosen Sharpley to start against Georgia Tech if he only wanted a caretaker until Clausen was ready

· That Weis would not have developed packages for Jones to use against Michigan if he had no intention of allowing Jones to compete for the starting spot

· That Weis had no problem starting a sophomore over a junior at QB

· That Weis has had no problem starting a freshman at QB, on the line, at DB, as kick returner, at WR, and at RB

· That Weis let Rick Minter go and hired Corwin Brown in his place

Recruits are also savvy enough to know that opposing coaches that spin the Jones situation in light of the above are proving their own self-interest is more important than truth and the best interest of the kid.

Recruits are also savvy enough to know that opposing coaches that were ready to supplant their three-year starter with a freshman or a tag-along recruit should not be the ones accusing Weis of ulterior motives.

Truth be told, the recruits are savvy enough to know that, thanks to the recruiting shortfalls left by the previous regime, they have an unparalleled opportunity in the history of Notre Dame to walk into immediate playing time and at the same time resurrect the most storied college football program.

As a matter of fact, the verbal commitments, particularly on defense (or any WR that commits), need to come to campus ready to play because play they will. And no opposing coach, no matter how sleazy, will be able to counter this double question from any one of our verbal commits:

Coach Doubletalk, “Tell me again why I won’t be able to get immediate playing time at ND? Do you think they have too much talent, or do you think I’m not good enough?”

I’ll add one more, Coach Weis isn’t going anywhere for a variety of reasons. ZERO chance.


One Response to “Recruits are Savvy”

  1. Ted Says:

    “Recruits are savy” is excellent. If the verbal commits are watching the games, they should realize their opportunities beginning next year.

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