Zero offensive touchdowns through two games.

Zero rushing yards against Penn State.

Zero senior offensive lineman starting, zero on the team.

Zero transfers allowed to correct above problem.

100: % correlation between the above.

Most team’s juniors are really seniors, in other words, Notre Dame’s starting Junior OL are really sophomores and our sophomores are really freshmen by most standards.

Ty Willingham recruited exactly two offensive linemen in two years that are with the team: Mike Turkovich and Paul Duncan.

Two years ago, all of us who followed Notre Dame football predicted this year would happen. It’s not like we’re a bunch of Notredamuses here. It was obvious this was coming, just as the deficiencies on the defensive line are obvious.

If we started off with Florida International, things would be different.

Now, there were many, many mistakes on Saturday, but the most predictive problem was obvious years ago.

We knew this was coming, we were just hoping it wouldn’t be this bad.

There were a lot of positives to takeaway from Saturday and some puzzling negatives which I’ll look at tomorrow, but this problem was a long time comin‘.


8 Responses to “Zero”

  1. T.M. irish2 Says:

    You hit the nail on the head, the o-line just isn’t getting the job done.
    Had dillybar spent as much time reviewing his o-line recruits as he did working on his golf game we may not be in this mess.

    I still shake my head at some of the play calling. Why is not our Mackey award candidate playing a bigger part in the game plan?

    T.M. irish2

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Stop blaming Ty! It’s getting old. How many 4 or 5 star recruits did the previous coach at UW have before Willingham took the job?

    Face the facts: Notre Dame is bad, GT is pretty good, and college football is unpredictable. Ty did recruit Brady Quinn and some other talented players that made it to a BCS game.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    First of all, our starting center, John Sullivan, is a 5th year senior. Our right tackle may be a sophomore but he was the best OL in the country coming out of high school. There is NO EXCUSE for this poor level of play. It’s time to stop blaming Ty for everything and start looking at the current staff, because they may not have the talent up from that USC, LSU, etc. have, but they should be doing much, much better. Time for Charlie to earn his money. UNACCEPTABLE!

  4. brad Says:

    I personally don’t care that most of our OL are freshman or sophomores “experience-wise”, we should still be able to produce SOME AMOUNT OF POSITIVE RUSHING YARDS. The play of this OL has been horrendous.

    It’s not like these guys never played football before. Even if they are young and inexperienced, they should still be able to grasp the basics of blocking.

    Zero yards rushing against PSU is completely unacceptable. What in the world has happened to ND football? If the guys in there can’t do the job, put in the true freshman (or someone else who can get the job done). If it is an OL coaching issue, find a new coach!!

    Is everyone forgetting what Charlie said when he started at ND about winning national championships? It was something to the effect of “if the coach can’t do it in 3 years, he isn’t ever going to do it.” Now it seems to be commonly accepted that we are just going to suck for the next 2 years and we won’t EXPECT quality play until the 5th year of Charlie’s tenure…

    I think that sort of logic and excuse-ridden reasoning is ridiculous.

  5. tomc Says:


  6. Go Irish 85 Says:

    Thanks for posting what I’ve been saying to everyone that comes up to me and says, “What’s up with the Irish?”

    It’s been coming, but I was hoping for the best. Doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

    I did see some good things (believe me, I saw the bad too), so I just want to make it though this year.

    And hope & trust that 2008 & 2009 are worth it after what looks like a tough year in 2007.

    Go Irish

  7. kevin86 Says:

    I absolutely agree with your diagnosis: bad offense starts with bad O-line. I am confused about the “no transfer” comment – is this a lack of candidates or a policy against it?

  8. robert gilleran Says:


    1.with the entire universe bashing nd, your comments are correct, but negative thinking and tanking is not going to help nd the rest of this season.

    2. try joe doyle’s excellent historical perspective in the south bend tribune online from 9/7/2007-” it could be-and it has been-much worse.”

    3. charlie made the right decision for nd and for clausen to have that bone spur taken care of in april.

    the price was the loss of that precious time necessary for clausen to achieve that chemistry with the oline and the rest of the offense.

    4. charlie has the talent. the d is playing great and the o has had its baptism of fire necessary to make that offensive chemistry gel in the 1st 2 games.

    5. hoping for the best can never hurt.

    have a great day,

    bob gilleran

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