A Box of Chocolates

As is the case with every new year there’s a ton of optimism around ND 2007 and there are a lot of good reasons to be optimistic:

  • We might finally have a punishing offensive line that will allow us to have a power running game.
  • Rarely have we seen backs with as much promise as Armando Allen and Robert Hughes possess combined with the experience talent and leadership of Travis Thomas, five-star recruit James Aldridge and big surprise Junior Jabbie.
  • Nothing breeds optimism like having a fiery defensive coordinator talking about an aggressive take no prisoners approach that maximizes talent.
  • Our defensive backfield could be the best ND has had since 1993 (is it that long ago?)
  • There’s young talent at every position you look at.
  • The quarterbacks have a lot of potential.

Now here’s the problem.

Or a couple of them.

That’s not an awful lot of positives.

If a fan from Oklahoma told you that the Sooners were going to start a quarterback with no previous starts operating behind an offensive line replacing three out of five starters, with new wide receivers and replacing a multi-year thousand yard rusher… you’d be a bit crazy to think that they ‘should’ put up good offensive numbers.

If that same fan told you that the Sooners were installing a completely new defensive scheme run by a guy who’s never been a DC, starting two brand new undersized defensive lineman who weren’t highly recruited in a defense that was ranked in the bottom half of 1-A… what would you think?

And, oh yeah I forgot this, the senior and junior recruiting classes may the worst back to back recruiting classes of the modern era and they’ve been decimated by transfers.

I know of course that other teams have question marks, but Notre Dame simply has too many to have any clue what we’re going to get.

If the offensive line blocks well, the backs perform great (btw, check out wr Golden on the left at rb) and the defense plays above expectations, the Irish could still lose if a young quarterback throws a couple of pics. The difference in good and bad seasons (relative to expectations) can usually be found in the turnover column.

There are simply too many variables that have to go right to expect the Irish to win their way to a BCS game — and I haven’t even talked about the schedule.


I believe the Irish have one ingredient they’ve been lacking since Coach Weis showed up that could be the magic dust that leads to a memorable season…. coaching synergy.

I know I’ve wrote about it before, but Weis finally has a guy who’s defense he knows and a guy who can motivate players. Just as important, he has a guy who can pressure test Weis’s own strategies and decisions. Good coaching staff’s elevate fair players to good and good players to great and do the same for each other. And as I mentioned above, Corwin’s a motivator, which is a necessary ingredient in a college team.

Mix that with an influx of young talent and this year could be a redux of 2005.

I’d pick the Irish by 10 this Saturday, but Cash and JVan are going to this game and they’re like the grim reapers of Notre Dame football. We should get a collection to send them both on weekend vacations on game weeks. Despite their presence, we’ll notch a W. Weis didn’t go down to West Virginia to go white water rafting. *Let me know if the goods (jerseys etc.) on the right are distracting and I’ll tone them down.


9 Responses to “A Box of Chocolates”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nitpick, not for posting….

    Third to last paragraph:

    “I’ve wrote” should be “I’ve written” or “I wrote”

    Nice analysis.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The jerseys are a bit much…especially since they are the green and gold ones!!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The jerseys on the right are a bit much…the fact that they are the Green and Gold ones doesn’t help.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Since you made the comment, the jerseys were the first thing my eyes were drawn to when the page first loaded. They weren’t really distracting once I started reading the article, but they did stand out.

  5. Der Fürsprecher Says:

    “I’d pick the Irish by 10 this Saturday, but Cash and JVan are going to this game and they’re like the grim reapers of Notre Dame football.”


  6. Anonymous Says:

    You say “Our defensive backfield could be the best ND has had since 1993?” Shane Walton and Vontez Duff were pretty darn good in 2002

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a huge fan, but I can’t get past 5-7 this year. I think it will be like Holtz’s first year..fun to watch and very competitive, but many losses. I’m excited about the next 4 years!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    1993?…shane walton, vontez duff and co. weren’t too shabby.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yeh, shane and vontez were not bad, but they did not win us a bowl game like our secondary will this year, and who cares if it it the insight.com

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