Brady Quinn Looking Like an NFL Vet

I was going to write a recap Quinn’s NFL debut against a number one defense, but IAND75 did a better job below. You can check out the video here.

The two things that Brady’s pre-season games are demonstrated are directly related to his ND experience and Weis.

He is playing with a very limited playbook and minimal experience with his teammates. This is what seems to have Crennel and Savage so worried. He hasn’t had the time in the system to learn all the nuances and develop timing and raport with the starters.

What he has done is play very sound fundamental football. Solid mechanics and execution.

The other is solid mental football. He knows what he should and shouldn’t be doing in these situations. He is mentally disciplined.

This is all now second nature to him. He didn’t learn this in NFL training camp or game experience. It is what he learned from Weis and his ND experience. The two minute drill he ran last week was pure instinct, a direct result of all those same situations at ND and learing to do it right.

The level of his fundamental skills is high, and his mental skills and discipline even greater. It is all the more obvious when he is seen in comparison to the other Browns’ QB’s. They have more time in the new Browns’ system, have spent more time working with the starters, and have more NFL game experience, but have less of a command of the situation. The biggest knock on both of them is costly stupid mental mistakes.

I really don’t think the Browns give up much, if any, chances of winning games by having Brady start. I don’t think Charlie Frye’s NFL game experience gives him that much of an edge. It sure isn’t visible in his play so far this year.

It may not be the NFL, but Brady has had some pretty good experience in high pressure, high power games and has proved himself. It doesn’t get much more intense than the Southern Cal 2005 game.

From what I’ve seen the Browns would do just as well, if not better, with Brady starting instead of Frye. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t start Frye against Pittsburgh and give Brady a few games to learn more of the offense and experience the game from the sideline.

But it does mean that Charlie was right when he told everyone before the draft that Brady could come in and start day one in the NFL.

The combination of the public spotlight, the intense pressure, the complex pro offense, and the teaching abilities of Weis make ND the premier place to get your training if you want to be a top NFL quarterback.

The NFL gives the game ball to Quinn:
Brady Quinn delivered his second straight standout performance for the Browns, as he completed 7-of-11 passes for 81 yards and a touchdown. Despite getting stuffed at the goalline on his two-point conversion, Young still came through with 91 yards on 17 carries and a touchdown.


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