And the winning quarterback is?

No one on the outside is quite sure, though I do know who it isn’t. But I’m already hearing some fans whining that they’re worried Charlie isn’t handling this right.

Hold me, I’m Irish.

He’s handling is perfectly from where I sit. Charlie told you exactly what he was going to do about the quarterback situation last week:

“But I also don’t believe in playing mind games. Let’s say you have one guy who expects to be the starter, and he is not the starter. He’s not going to tell you, but he’s going to know. Because the last thing you want to do five seconds before the game starts is have the guy go into the tank because the guy who thought he was going to be the quarterback, is not the quarterback. I’m not that dumb, I’ll make sure everyone is aware of what the situation is. I think mind games hurt the quarterback position.”

And he told you the week before that:

“They’re three different types of players. So there’s no intrinsic value of me saying which one is doing which before I go into the first game. It’s to my advantage, and to Notre Dame football’s advantage, to do it that way for the first game. I promise you, it’s not because I’m trying to hold back from the guys that are here every day. It’s that I’m trying to win the opener. I’m trying to beat Georgia Tech and it’s the only game that I have this card to play, and I’m going to hold them. My answer won’t change; it’s going to be a game-time decision; that will be my answer on this one.”

So Charlie told you that he knows who the starter is going to be and his players know, but they’re going to tell you they don’t know. I can’t understand why this upsets some people. Is it necessary for fans to “know” who’s going to start? Granted, it’s not as bad as petulant little sports writers throwing writing hissy fits, but it comes from the same place. There’s no advantage to you knowing. It’s better for ND if you don’t know.

Charlie’s making Georgia Tech overprepare and that’s all to his advantage. Even if his trip to West Virginia doesn’t add one new play to the playbook, it’s making Georgia Tech think, because the Mountaineers ran all over the jackets in their bowl game.

I know that they know our offense and in addition to our offense, they know we have this athletic quarterback in Demetrius. So what if he plays? Everyone says Weis went down to West Virginia for a day, and in a day I don’t think I could throw out our whole offense and put in their whole offense. Could I have gotten a couple of ideas from them to go ahead and use? Absolutely, so now what you do is practice against a couple of those things to make sure you are prepared for those. You practice against our offense and you practice against the 34. Now if people want to sit there and say, why would Weis want to tell Georgia Tech what to do? That’s what any staff is going to do. I’m only speaking the obvious. That’s what they’re going to do.”

On Monday, when you begin to narrow the quarterback choice from three to two, how difficult will this be for the young offense to handle?

“The team will know what we are doing. Instead of a three-way race, they will know it’s more two-way, and they will know it’s either what he does; or what he does. It’s not either/or because there are three guys involved. We will run our offense, and I also add some stuff to add to the strength of that quarterback; that’s only smart football.”

It’s okay that you don’t know who’s going to start, it really is. Fans don’t need to know. Personally, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see Demetrius Jones in the opener.


9 Responses to “And the winning quarterback is?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think it has been Demetrius all along, personally. I think this has all been a smoke screen to confuse/annoy opposing coaches. Keep in mind that Weis learned from Belichick (sp?), who is famous for this type of thing.

  2. IrishGlory Says:

    Thank you for writing this article. The whining from some Irish fans was beginning to get ridiculous. From my vantage point, Charlie has handled this situation perfectly. I think it also speaks to the stamp he has on the team that the QB decision has not leaked out to the media.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Good article. Demetrius will NOT be starting against GTech. He may see some snaps in a spred formation, but he will not run the offense. The smoke screen is exactly what he’s doing…not naming the QB to the media and to GTech. Fans need to understand, CW is the one making the millions to produce wins and he will continue to do just that. No question.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You could easily argue it’s all three.
    1) It’s DJ, Charlie doesn’t want GT preparing for an option-style attack, therefore leaving the LBs and d-line slower off the ball.

    2) It’s Sharpley. Only an upper classman with Evan’s composure could handle all this smokescreening and misdirection and still be mentally ready to jump in there for the first snap.

    3) It’s JC. Since no one really knows besides Weis how he’ll perform at this level, keeping him a secret is the best weapon available. Furthermore, if it were DJ or Evan, those two could probably handle the media spotlight and exposure from already announcing. Weis is keeping quiet to protect his real starter, Jimmy.

    Personally, I’m hoping for option 3, but I also wouldnt be surprised to see DJ. I think Sharpley’s been out for a while. With all the “The best player will play” that Charlie preaches, I dont see how a guy with fewer physical talents would start just based on experience. DJ and JC have had plenty of time to learn enough to be effective.

  5. NDFlanner Says:

    But how am I suppose to know which jersey number to wear to the game. I hope I don’t have to wear my gold flank jersey.

  6. Bryan Says:

    Why don’t you make a hybrid jersey like Laura Quinn did for the Fiesta Bowl? Why reinvent the wheel when we have already seen on-the-fence genius in action?

  7. Bill V. Says:

    Charlie really has soaked everyone’s mind. No one knows who it will be and this is strategic not only for GT but for the media.
    Financially, this pays off big with everyone tuning in to find out who starts and with all the pregame press- not to mention the postgame press.
    Personally-Sharpley is going to start because he passes nearly as well as Clausen, and is quicker, more mature and has a better grasp of Weis’ thinking. Though Jones is faster- his passing is not there yet.
    This sets the stage for all three playing since the offense will be chosen based on what Sharpley can do- which incorporates most of the gifts of the other two.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    FYI, ‘Quarterback’ is misspelled on the front page of NDN in big letters.

  9. gary nejman Says:

    sportsmann, Oh here we go again, the unhappy campers not knowing who the starting QB is…relax folks and enjoy the game…Go Irish !!..

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