From Cartier Field and Rock’s House

Couple of quotes from Ronald Reagan on Cartier Field:

We’re fast. We’re high energy and aggressive. I think it’s not going to be so much a different look … it’s just going to be a feel. I think the defense has a different mindset this year. I think they’re aggressive and into it and excited. And I think it’s going to show.” – Anthony Vernaglia

“I’m very excited about Coach Brown because I like his attitude. A team takes on the attitude of its defensive coach, and his aggressive style of teaching and coaching, I think our teams is really going to take on that personality, and I’m really excited about those opportunities.” – Justin Brown

And, my personal favorite …

“He’s an aggressive coach. I think the team’s identity comes from the coach. He’s a real fiery guy and he’s real excited and is real active with the players, so the players kind of feed off of that. Anytime I can go out there and knock some heads, I’m down for that.” – Toryan Smith

Frozen moment, Notre Dame vs. Nebraska, 2001, from omahadomer:

That was a tough situation for N.D. almost no matter who was the coach. Nebraska had played two games already and N.D. was trying to open on the road, at night in front of 77,000 screaming fans. (I was there; it was loud.)

The game could hardly have started worse. NU converted on a 3rd and long on its first possession and wound up with a TD. Howard fumbled on the first play for N.D. and NU immediately converted for a TD. N.D. couldn’t move the ball again but forced a fumble, couldn’t move and then had a snap over the punter’s head leading to an NU field goal.

LoVecchio throws an interception on the next possession. With LoVecchio in the game we now have 3 turnovers (not all his fault), no first downs and are actually negative on total yards (40 yards lost on the snap over the head).

But the breath of life is that Crouch fumbles on the next play and Dykes recovers. Finally N.D. makes a first down with LoVecchio at QB and punts out of trouble. The defense starts to get it legs and Weaver gets a sack and forces a punt.

Now into the game comes Holiday at QB and NU is clearly concerned about his running ability and can no longer jam the running lanes in the middle. Fisher breaks loose for a 35-yard run. On 4th and 7 at the NU 38 Holiday running for his life hits Javin Hunter for a 1st down. Nebraska is on its heels. Holiday scrambles for 12 yards. N.D. stalls and kicks a field goal but it’s 17-3, it’s the middle of the second quarter and clearly N.D. can move the ball with Holiday.

Nebraska responds with a T.D. drive to make it 24-3 and now the situation is desperate. We really need a TD to make it 24-10 but if we get it the game could be manageable. We get the 2nd half kickoff. It’s not too late.

And onto the field at QB trots LoVecchio. N.D. goes 3 and out and NU leads 27-3 at halftime.

I suppose I knew it all along at some level, but it hit me then what a terrible game coach Davie was. He clearly had some foreordained QB rotation in mind and he was sticking to it no matter what.

I think we can count on Weis to stick with what’s working.


One Response to “From Cartier Field and Rock’s House”

  1. IrishGlory Says:

    I do not pretend to know what the results will be from this year’s defense. I do strongly believe though that we will see a drastically different attitude on the field. With the coaching change and increased depth on defense, I think we will see a greater hunger and more passion on the field. It has been said a million times, but you can cover up a lot of mistakes when you are flying to the ball and being aggressive.

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