The Invincibles 2007

Every year I try to pick through the bin of overlooked or under appreciated players and find some who’ll beat the critics expectations. In 2005, I feel like I did well with Stovall, Wooden and Mays. Last year my picks of Thomas and Nedu didn’t exactly pan out as planned, though Price came through in a big, big way.

This year’s first invincible I get to pick again because everyone was so down on him last year. I didn’t understand the negativity against Ambrose Wooden last year. He brings great speed to the corner position and showed toughness last year despite playing hurt. Wooden had a great 2005 and will be back this year.

So many choices on the defensive side of the ball, but I’ll have to lean in with Justin Brown as choice #2. Brown has flashed the ability to attack the backfield, but never consistently. He was one of those ‘project’ recruits. Very good speed and explosiveness, but never the complete package. Not a surprise, most don’t remember that Brown never even played football until his senior year in high school. This is from his bio:

played only one season of organized high school football but was an immediate standout … made 65 tackles, nine sacks and three fumble recoveries in 2003 during his first season of organized football as a defensive lineman

He’s changed his body around and could have a surprise year in 2007. Remember the biggest thing that good coaches do is elevate the play of the mid-tier players. When teams win championships, it’s because guys like Justin Brown come out of now where to have memorable seasons.

On offense DJ Hord was just being written off a few weeks ago, but he’s my invincible pick for 2007. He was a highly rated recruit, but never considered a natural receiver. He was more of a track guy with Reggie Bush like speed (a 10.4 100 meter time,) but he suffered an Achilles injury and was lumped in the disappointment bin. But the last few weeks he’s really been playing well and if he can get that 10.4 speed back to go with improved hands we may have a surprise playmaker in Hord.

As I wrote above, these are the kinds of guys who are the difference between a 7-5 year and a 10-2 year. If Justin Brown can get to the quaterback, Wooden can shut down a Manningham and Hord can break one big play you never thought he would, then this team has a chance to finish much higher than #39 in the country.


11 Responses to “The Invincibles 2007”

  1. IrishGlory Says:

    Nice job on the predictions. Mine would be:
    1. Justin Brown
    2. David Bruton
    3. George West

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I Agree With Bruton So I Won’t Put Him In My Top 3:

    1.Anthony Vernaglia- Say What You Want About John Ryan And Scott Smith, They Aren’t Any Good. This Kid And Toryan Smith Will Make This Defense Flat Out Nasty. He Has The Speed The Defense Needs In A Bad Way, And Is Out To Prove He Can Play Linebacker.

    2. Darrin Walls- Why Is Terrail Lambert Considered A Veteran ? The Guy Single Handedly Lost The Michigan Game With His Great (Terrible Coverage) On Three Mario Manningham Touchdowns. Walls Pretty Much Shut Down Calvin Johnson Last Year And After That Had To Watch The Rest Of The Secondary Look Clueless. With Bruton Behind Him This Year I Won’t Be As Nervous When Teams Go Long

    3. Golden Tate- Am I The Only Guy Who Thinks David Grimes Isn’t A #1 Guy. Tate Has The Explosiveness The Receivers Need. The Great Holtz Teams Always Had Great Young Talent Who Saw The Field. This Year Should Be The Same With Tate And Allen.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ambrose Wooden you’ve got to be kidding – think back usc 05 4th and 9 and they go 69 yds over wooden – osu / mu / msu / lsu / all big passing yards have been over wooden

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Three more

    1. Justin Brown
    2. John Ryan
    3. Will Yeatman

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So goes the QB, so goes the team.

    1) Starting QB
    2) Starting QB
    3) Starting QB

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How about John Ryan: Will be starting as a Soph. and is the biggest LB I’ve ever seen at Notre Dame, 6-5 253!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i agree on Hord..I just have a feeling this year that he will step up

  8. NDLNA Says:

    I’m with you all the way with Ambrose Wooden. He has all the physical tools to be a great corner. He just needs to put it all together.

  9. Kevin Says:

    I’m going with:
    1. Justin Brown
    2. Armando Allen
    3. Justin Trattou

  10. SME Says:

    Agree on Bruton, but he hasn’t really been put in the overlooked bin. Vernaglia would be a great invincible call if he can shed the soft label.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Justin Trattou ? ? ?
    Ummm You Do Realize That He De-Committed And Signed With Florida Don’t You. I Like The Allen Pick, But Get Your Facts Straight Next Time.

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