Quinn Under Pressure

Quinn running a 2-minute drill effectively is nothing new, I think he played his best games when everything was on the line. Here’s what I wrote about Quinn and the Pressure Myth:

But I’ll go further. I think Quinn possesses a little Favre in him, but he was forced to become more of a technician under Weis because this offense simply couldn’t afford mistakes. Far from this offense making Quinn, in some ways I think it constrained him. He’s much more of gunslinger than Notre Dame fans saw — but his Weis training is perfect training for the NFL. Quinn generally played the best UNDER PRESSURE, against MSU, UCLA and Georgia Tech with the game hanging in the balance. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he played some of his best ball when the offense was the most open and the tempo was forced.

In case anyone needed a reminder, here’s Quinn against UCLA:

And against Michigan State:

And Georgia Tech:


One Response to “Quinn Under Pressure”

  1. Jamie-Milwaukee Says:

    I agree completely. The more aggressive the offense, the more you saw the real Quinn. Quick counts, shotgun, and fast developing plays revealed his true talent.
    *When Brady went back to classic drop-back, the o-line really didn’t do the job, big disappointment in ’06.
    Both the Browns & the Irish have the same question: regardless of who’s the QB, can you pass block? And the Defensive line? This year, show us the fundamentals and the rest will take care of itself.
    Can you imagine how good ND would have been w/ top 10 lines, in terms of performance, the past 2 years? If current recruiting turns potential into results, oh my!
    As dull as it is to talk about line play, THIS will be THE issue and can make the skilled athlete behind both lines shine. And poor line play waste that same talent. My sence is that the best is yet to come – and it starts with the lines. And that’s the bottom line. Go Irish!

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