First Impressions

And there’s not much to go on, just video:

Kamara is freakin’ big and built. Wow. He looks very quick for his size as well. A major win over USC.

Armando actually has a bigger build than you would think… more like Emmit Smith. He’s definitely coming ready to play. Hughes looks like a Junior.

Keep an eye on DJ Hord… for a kid who’s supposed to be just a straight liner, he looked the fastest of everyone in and out of the breaks and that includes West and Grimes.

I know Ragone’s leg was injured, but he couldn’t work out those arms? Looks like Axel Rose. Kids from North Jersey would kick sand in his face. Can you say gray shirt?

Then again, Clausen, who used to have a physique like Michael Jackson is actually starting to fill out and he looks a good inch taller than Sharpley.

Told you it wasn’t much.


3 Responses to “First Impressions”

  1. IrishFury12 Says:

    you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to Ragone. The kid is faster than any WR we have on our roster. He might not look strong but he would have won the state championship for wrestling ni the heavyweight category. Thats going against kids that are 275 lbs. My ex-girlfriend used to train with him and his trainer sometimes and the kids is an absolute beast. Just because he doesn’t pass the eye test doesn’t mean he won’t create mismatches b/c he might this year.

  2. SME Says:

    Look – I love Ragone as a recruit. I’ve watched his videos and never seen a tight end that naturally gifted. The problem is that he has to block as well as run from a Tight End position and he’s not going to get it done with those arms and packin 220lbs. Understand I was also having some fun. Ragone is one of those kids who can change the face of a game… but couldn’t he do a few curls over the summer? I’ve never seen a tight end with arms that skinny.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Were not gonna need Ragone this year anyways. So why does it matter ? He has all year to hit the weights.

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