The Push II

While the ‘Bush Push’ will go down in infamy, the current talent push will go down in lore. What’s happening right now at Notre Dame (pardon the ‘New Age’ lingo) is transformational. You can feel it swelling up from underneath like (no I’m not going to use a Haughistic-teeth-gnasher here,) but the effects will begin to be felt this year and will be markedly clear next year. Talent is back at Notre Dame, it might just take a little while to affect on the field performance.

The thing about schools with a constant talent pipeline is that: there’s no time to relax for starters. They constantly have to improve. Nothing motivates like a punk about to take your spot and Notre Dame just hasn’t had that in awhile. It was evidenced last year with key players running out of bounds and looking, often times, unmotivated.

That won’t be happening much anymore.

Notre Dame’s talent spigot is wide open and if the upperclassmen don’t perform they know damn well the kids coming up underneath them can. Having players like Duval Kamara, Armando Allen and Robert Hughes, means that George West, Travis Thomas and James Aldridge can’t afford to have a bad practice.

In the past Notre Dame’s had some good players on the front lines, but the good – bad – good – bad – bad recruiting classes of the Davingham era meant that there was never “a burning platform” to improve for the best players. They were the best players and they weren’t pushed.

That’s why having back to back to back top recruiting classes was so important for Weis.

Having top front line players can make you good, but you don’t get great until the the guy behind the guy could be better than the guy.

Isn’t Vince Vaughn an Irish fan?

Of course, just as important in my eyes is the fact that we’re finally going to have a coaching staff that trusts and respects each other. Didn’t someone predict all of this a few months ago?

And before I leave, kudos to my cohort in crime for his opus on scheduling. If the admin put this kind of thought into scheduling… (his article started a great thread on Rock’s House.)

~ The Rock


5 Responses to “The Push II”

  1. vicm Says:

    I think your reference to Bush Push and infamy was a little over the top. This is no Pearl Harbor.

  2. vicm Says:

    I think your reference to Bush and infamy was a little over the top. This is no Pearl Harbor.

  3. Collide Says:

    Keep the politics out of your commentaries. This is a football board. If you can’t resist the urge, call up one of the Air America shows and tell Al Franken. Maybe he knows you and cares about your political opinions.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “It was evidenced last year with key players running out of bounds and looking, often times, unmotivated.”

    While I support the gist of your article, I question the above comment. Give me names and specific incidents.

  5. The Rock Says:

    Two things for the hard of reading. Infamy is not a word that originated with Pear Harbor. It applies to an event that is famous for the negative nature of it. The Bush Push, for those who don’t follow Notre Dame closely (why are you reading this board) refers to the illegal way USC beat Notre Dame two years ago.

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