Merrill Hoge Endorses Quinn

In that way that Lee Corso picks winners. I know, you’re wondering who Merrill Hoge is. He’s the c-level talking head who’s convinced that verbal hair pulling is a strategy for career advancement. He also uttered these famous words last year:

“I wouldn’t draft any of these quarterbacks (referring to Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler) in the first round” and “Kellen Clemens from Oregon, is better than Matt Leinart and Vince Young when you study them on tape.”

Why is this news? Well, because he’s after it again this year attacking Brady Quinn. Here’s Hoge talking about Young last year:

Meanwhile, Quinn’s draft slide that wasn’t seems to have turned into positive momentum heading into draft day with most slotting Quinn at number two or three. Quinn has been playing his part perfectly, staying calm in the storm and marketing himself consistently. He stopped by Browns’ headquarters this week.

Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn dressed in a light orange shirt for his visit to the Browns. If he gets his wish, he’ll soon have a matching orange helmet.

Quinn, who grew up in Dublin, Ohio, has said he wants to play for the Browns, the team he rooted for as a kid. On Thursday, he spent a few hours touring the team’s headquarters and interviewing with coaches.

Draft day is for dollars and I hope Quinn gets his and more, but selfishly I’m hoping he goes to a team that will allow him to have a long NFL career. No one remembers draft day by game six of the season, except in a negative way (why did we draft that bum there,) but it’s fine sport in the off-season.

BTW, kudos to Charlie Weis for handling the current quarterback situation. His deft planning seems to have diffused most of the build-up around the search for Brady’s replacement.


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