12.1 – Big Mo

Recruiting momentum swings are normal and as any follower of the race for talent knows, fans tend to vacillate between thinking they’re going to get every top recruit and thinking they’ll get no one.

Notre Dame will not get every recruit,

but it appears they’re going to reel in a haul.

After a period where Notre Dame seemed to lose Big Mo, it is back. Armando Allen (Allen Video from Sunshine Preps) verballed to Notre Dame today (Mike Frank had this first.) Allen is Notre Dame’s biggest running back pick-up in years.

The surprising thing about Allen is that he was billed as a speed back, but I was most impressed by his running ability. He seems to have more cutting ability than Julius Jones, very good balance and he’s able to run fast with a forward lean. Kind of an Autry Denson with homerun ability. His 40 has been listed anywhere from 4.31-4.4. That’s fast.

But more importantly than the swing of momentum, Notre Dame coaches are on the road and finally have time to rebut the landslide of negative recruiting that hits Notre Dame.

Meanwhile, Notre Dame is at the center of a battle between the Rose and the Sugar Bowls. Both Bowls and their networks would like to have the “irrelevant” Irish, but after much back channel discussion it appears the Sugar is the likely destination for Notre Dame.


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