9.22 – The Empire Strikes Back

This is going to be quick. Yeah, ND got its Irish kicked by the skunks, but that was an anamoly game, not a tell-tale game.

Michigan ran for 2.9 yards a carry. Henne completed just over 50% of his passes. It wasn’t the defense that lost last Saturday’s game.

Here are five things that need to change.

1. McKnight has to quit bitching to the refs and just make plays. He’s been playing like an excuse maker. Shark acts like he’s already got his MLB paycheck. Neither has played as if they want a championship.

2. Quinn has been skittish, but he also has no running game and seems to have slower developing plays than last year. He did thread those Carlson passes against PSU, but I’ve seen better throws available on many plays. Yes, the interception to Carlson should have been a cactch, but it also was a yard behind. Last year Quiinn could get away with imprecise passes, not this year. Though McKnight has shown the ability to drop even precise passes.

3. Darius showed great 1-10 yard speed in his touchdown run against Georgia Tech, but he needs to just hit the damn hole with that kiind of speed on most plays. He’ll pop loose on some, only go for three on others, but at least he won’t be left dancing with the stars. The “vision play” has been played out. He’s just not fast enough when the defense has studied this tendency.

4. On defense, I dont’ get Talley. Tough kid, but he’s been abused since SC last year. Don’t leave Lambert on an island.


That’s it. I expect ND to rebound. We don’t need a major overhaul and there’s no reason to lose to Michigan State and Notre Dame doesn’t need huge corrections.

ND wins and will care less about planting a flag like a bunch of eight year olds. They’ll walk off the field like they should win this game. Quinn will get throw for three touchdown passes. ND will win by at least seven.

Perhaps the most humorous aspect to this last weekend is pundits complaining that Notre Dame was overrated — they of course were the ones doing the overrating. Suddenly Michigan is great, Notre Dame won’t make a BCS and Quinn is out of the Heisman hunt.

Teams are never as good or as bad as they appear.

~ The Rock


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