9.15 – Michigan’s One Game Season

It’s all on the line for Michigan this Saturday. Lloyd Carr knows that a loss to ND won’t just upset the skunkbear faithful, it will shatter the confidence of a team coming off a five loss season. Absolutely no sane person believes Bo’s whining assertion that the ND is not as important to Michigan as a Big Ten team. He sounds like the kid who lost the race and then claimed it didn’t matter anyway. As covered before, a writer at GoBlueWolverine argued that NOTHING else matters:

If Michigan loses again to the Irish I will cease to care. It won’t matter if it’s the only loss of the year. It won’t matter if the Wolverines go into Columbus and knock off a No. 1 Ohio State. If Michigan comes out of South Bend 3-0 and proceeds to tank the rest of the season, I will still smile and return next season for more. If they lose, I will find another activity for my fall Saturdays. Somehow I feel I’m not alone.

Michigan is getting hurt bad on the recruiting trail, it’s alumni are anxious and openly talking about Carr’s retirement and the all-time winning percentage in college football is at stake.

All of this makes Michigan incredibly dangerous. They’re as talented a defense as Notre Dame will face this year, have a seasoned quarterback, two good receivers and an outstanding running
back in Grady. They’ve also had two warm-up games to get the kinks out and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Carr has copycatted Weis’s dictum that his players drop weight to become faster and gain better stamina this season.

Privately we’ve heard that Michigan has been preparing for Notre Dame from day one. This is the game right now.

Said Jake Long, “This is why we come to Michigan… big games like this…to play against Notre Dame.”

Notre Dame is going to get Michigan’s best shot on Saturday. The key when playing an emotionally charged team is to make the game boring until the odds are in your favor. I expect Weis to methodically pick his spots tomorrow. If Notre Dame can avoid big turnovers (heard this before?), the Irish should be able to take the emotional blow and win this game, but teams focused on a one game season, as Michigan is, can dramatically change the paper balance of a contest. Much of college coaching is about motivation. If the Irish come out flat, they will lose.

~ The Rock

And here are the best of the NDNation predictions this weak:
ALUMNI79: Charlie’s snappy Band of Brothers will defeat Voyd’s ‘Bro’ band Snappers 21 to 17
THERC: Weis Defenders Of The Faith will defeat Meatchicken Fighting Hennes 31 to 17
QUINN4HEISMAN06: Charlie and his voo doo will defeat Llllloyd and his man boobs 23 to 17
WEISENHEIMER: Fighting Irish will defeat Low Life Lactating Loser Lloyd & the Wannabees 28 to 21
TONYBULLETS: Future All-Time Winning Percentage Leader will defeat Former All-Time Winning Percentage Leader 31 to 20
HOWARDROARK: All that is good and just in college football will defeat new OC, new DC, same choke artist HC 24 to 20
IRISHTHRASHER: Llllloyd couldn’t beat Davie or Ty will defeat And Charlie’s no Davie or Ty 35 to 13
93DILLONITE: Our coach doesn’t need a bra will defeat Least classy postgame handshaker in all of footbaw 28 to 21
GORT: Charlie’s fupa will defeat Lloyd’s gynecomastia 30 to 21
NDDL99: Citizens for Heaven will defeat Bums from Hell 24 to 20
THEFLASH: The Messiah will defeat The AntiChrist, The Beast and The False Prophet 29 to 23
NDVET08: Tommy’s mohawk will defeat Henne’s mullet 33 to 24
DAKOTADOMER: We tune up against teams with a pulse…sort of will defeat When will we able to schedule Mount Union? 27 to 13
KELLEYCOOK: Sorry, guys Chauncey ‘s not here anymore will defeat LLoyd’s annual autumn harvest of defeat 38 to 0
SEC21ATLANTA: Shining City on a Hill will defeat Ann’s current boyfriend 38 to 17
MONOGRAMMAR: Team soon to be #1 in all time winning percentage will defeat team soon to be #2 in all time winning percentages 31 to 24
GO93: Weis guys will defeat Carr salesmen 38 to 10
BOMBERDRIVER04: Fighting Irish will defeat Al Qaeda 31 to 13
RYNO: Cholly will defeat 1981 Bluebonnet Bowl Champs 28 to 27
2SHEDSJACKSON: Man with Big Balls will defeat Man with Big Tits 34 to 20
CARTWRIGHT: Weis’s four rings will defeat Jeter’s four RINGS!!! 21 to 17
REDHOTFRO: Charlie’s 2nd Season will defeat Lloyd’s Final Season 30 to 15
OITLINEBACKER: Not in Our house will defeat LLLLLLoyd’s Swan Song 38 to 17
BIGIRISH: Coach on the way Up will defeat Coach on the way out 27 to 24
FLANIGAN: Fighting Irish will defeat Skunky mini-bears 28 to 14
GRIRISH: Blue & Gold will defeat will defeat arrogant shade of yellow and blue 38 to 21
SONOFND: Our Holy Mother The Church will defeat Godless, Amoral, Utilitarian Scion of Yost 30 to 17
LOCOLOBO: Easy as Pie will defeat Smelly like horseradish 31 to 24
DBCOOPER: I suck at this prediction thing will defeat Ive already been eliminated from contention 31 to 20
WILDESILAS: Charlie and the Touchdown Factory will defeat Slack-jawed, weak-eyed, inbred scUM 37 to 20
CUZTEAHAN: All time winning percentage recovered will defeat All time excuse record maintained 34 to 17
HIPSTER: God’s team will defeat Overblown legends of the Big 10 34 to 13
KEENAN02: It takes a big man to support these brass balls will defeat it takes a big shirt to cover these massive tattas 31 to 16
GOIRISHBEATTROJANS: Brass Ones will defeat Big ‘Uns 27 to 20
NDTUBA: Citizens of Heaven will defeat Secular Humanists 34 to 17
SIMPLYIRISH: ND will defeat Robert Traylor was accepted into U of Michigan? 34 to 17
INIGOMONTOYA: Ari’s Fighting Viking Questors will defeat Choke out Lloyd and his man servants 38 to 10
GREENMANORITE: Green and Gold will defeat Unamaizing Coach Yellow 24 to 14
VAULTDADOF2: Thank God we finally have a real coach again! will defeat Thank God they continue to employ Llllloyd 38 to 10
DENZEL: Real student athletes will defeat the kinesiologists 31 to 21
105MARQUETTE: Khaki pants, white shirt, red tie, and blue blazer will defeat Blade sunglasses, Desmond Howard jersey, and jorts 34 to 26
ENDUFF: We don’t need no stinkin kinesiolgy majors will defeat the only coach more whiny than my 4 year old 31 to 24
GOND570: Robot Genius will use his laser beam will defeat to light Carr’s hot seat into a total blaze 34 to 14
SHADYIRISH: Vita Dulcedo Spes will defeat Contra Bonos Mores 31 to 14
KARLHUNGUS: Irish will defeat Maize is just a more cowardly shade of yellow. 31 to 23


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