9.1 – Pleasing the Gods

Charlie Weis exorcised one of the few mistakes he’s made since coming to Notre Dame (other than not providing me a sideline pass) by moving out of the House that Roob built. I was filled with horror upon learning Weis messed with the Karma of Irish football Gods by taking up residence in Bob Davie’s old house.

I imagined the ghosts of Davie past trying to get into the Robot Genius’s inner workings – attempting to short circuit his motherboard. That has been rectified. Weis has moved on and I am suddenly more confident about this season. Among the other tidbits gleaned from his latest press conference:

Turk is day to day.

Ferrine is out for this game.

Frome and Talley are 1 and 1a at defensive end.

Springsteen and Bon Jovi were played at practice to simulate game day noise situations. Half the players were probably like: who?

Finally, Weis sent a strong message to his players: there’s no free fride. Despite having four open slots for travel, Weis is only filling one spot.

I still have room for 3 more, but 3 more didn’t warrant going. So I’m not taking

As you read this, Weis will have already made countless calls to recruits:

Tomorrow’s the first day I can start making phone calls… because of time zones i think the first one they have me making is at 7 or 715, so I’ll be making one every 15 minutes for quite some time tomorrow.

No tee time?

And offers will have gone out to juniors. The player most expected to get offered is Chicago’s Steve Filer, a man-child linebacker prospect. But Weis says not to expect a lot of early offers:

If you make a mistake on a guy two years early that’s a major mistake. You better have a lot of evidence and sometimes watching tape is not enough. What some programs do is they offer a whole bunch of them and whatever guys they get to say yes, that’s the ones they take. If we offer a guy, it’s because we want’em to say yes.

Weis not only “gets” Notre Dame, but he’s creating an aura around the program. As for Saturday, I keep running best and worst case scenarios through my head.

Worst: Atlanta is buzzing. They’re convinced this is the upset game of week and they’re going to take out the Irish like they did Auburn and Miami. Expect Bobby Dodd stadium to be electric at night. Ball is the kind of quarterback that gives Notre Dame fits, Calvin Johnson is a future 1st rounder and running back Tashard Choice was wanted by everyone in the country. GTech also has a very strong defensive line. If Notre Dame commits turnovers they could easily lose this game. Turnovers are the single most important variable in most games. Worst: GTech 34-31.

Best: Atlanta is buzzing. Big deal. Notre Dame is not Auburn. Bobby Dodd stadium intimidates nobody. Ball is below a 50% passer. If Notre Dame defensive line dominates the LOS and we can cover even marginally better than last year and Brady rolls with no turnovers, then, of course, Notre Dame opens big. Best: Notre Dame 49-14.

Somewhere in between lies reality. I’d actually like to see ND open up with a closer game than many here expect. Remember, Vegas is moving against the Irish. This all tempers my final prediction, which is: Irish by a touchdown.

Looking for a place to watch the game: check out our gamewatch board.

~ The Rock


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