8.31 – To The Booth

The biggest surprise of the pre-season came last night when Charlie Weis announced that Rick Minter will be calling plays from the booth and defensive backs coach Bill Lewis will be on the sideline. Lewis said he’ll now be the one communicating directly with the defensive backs and tying their coverage to the linebackers.

This is an interesting move and may play to Minter’s strength as a strategist and Lewis’s experience in the secondary. Yet another sign that Charlie will not stand for defensive lapses and is willing to take measured moves to improve. The one thing I’ve stopped doing with Charlie is wondering whether his moves are ill-considered. They may be wrong in the end, but it won’t be because he hasn’t taken into account all the possible permutations both negative and positive.

I get they feeling he’s a good Rocks, Papers, Scissors guy specifically because he studies their tendencies. Seems to me that this switch is more evidence of a “putting guys in their best place to succeed” policy.

NDNation seems pretty confident, here’s a rundown of some of the more “interesting” predictions on NDNation.com:

105MARQUETTE: Irish Catholics will defeat Bible-believing patriots like George O’Leary 38 to 14
84DAVID: Much better offense than Utah will defeat Calvin can’t throw it to it to himself 48 to 18
AKARONMEXICO: Fish eating Catholics will defeat Fish throwing Rednecks 42 to 17
ALUMNI79: Charlie’s Orkin Men will defeat Striped Insects 35 to 17
BACCHUS: ND will defeat Pitt—er—I mean Georgia Tech 42 to 21
BEATPS0607: Rudy’s team will defeat Rudy’s favorite team 42 to 22
BOBK: Coach Lewis’ New team will defeat Coach Lewis’ Old Team 34 to 24
BRUNO95: Catholic Freedom Fighters will defeat MLK’s Jailors 34 to 17
CARTWRIGHT: School that’s never won by 222 will defeat a helluva mediocre team 38 to 17
CBIEBEL: Mackeral Snapping Anarchists will defeat Mackeral Throwers 35 to 10
CELTICCROSS: Glo Worm Lounge will defeat Gold Club 37 to 13
CHUCK_LANZA: Charlie’s Nasty Bastards will defeat Fish Pitchers 45 to 24
CUCAMONGAIRISH: God’s Chosen University will defeat Ass Clowns on Crack 34 to 21
CUZTEAHAN: One Down, Eleven To Go will defeat Jefferson Davis’ Mackeral Tossing Jamboree Band 37 to 17
DAVIEHAMSUFFERER97: Golden Dome Warrior-poets will defeat Cousins of the Bee-Man 45 to 17
DILLONFIGHTSONG: Charlie’s Super Bowl Rings will defeat O’Leary’s Resume 27 to 13
FIGHTINAMISH: Mackeral Snapping Anarchists will defeat I Built a Robot Girlfriend 38 to 24
GMURPHY: The Papist northern sons of General Sherman will defeat the [insert tasteful nickname]s 42 to 10
GOLDENCHILD: Fighting Irish will defeat Vespula squamosa 31 to 13
GOND570: Shark Outshines Johnson will win 38 to 21
GOONSQUAD: Papist Horde will defeat Ball Throws Fish, Falls Incomplete 42 to 20
GOZER: Northern drunks will defeat Southern drunks 49 to 3
IRISHGUARD: Theologically Sound Exegesis will defeat Crass Literalism 35 to 21
IRISHINSCRANTON: Gaelic Pugilists will defeat The Fish Throwers 42 to 16
IRISHLAW07: Piscivore Papists will defeat Fish-Slingers 38 to 17
IRISHTHRASHER: The NFL was happy to see our coach leave will defeat The NFL was sad to JAKAM31: 64.9% Completions will defeat 64.9% Incompletions 34 to 17
JB: Wedontcareifyoudontlikeus will defeat ramblin’ wrecK aKa the yellow jacKets 31 to 21
JOE07: Whiskey drinkers will defeat Fish tossers 45 to 17
JOHN88: In a remake of a Chinese classic movie Charlie will defeat Chan 41 to 16
JOHNTHEBAPTIST: Holier than thous will defeat Beekeepers 31 to 21
JPH: Mackeral Snappers will defeat OLeary’s leftovers 33 to 24
JRAN: Catholic Jihad will defeat Engineering Infidels 42 to 21
KELLEYCOOK: Our ‘unfast’ defense will defeat the idiocacy of the media’s groupthink 58 to 0
MINTIRISH: Rudy was barely good enough to be a walk-on will defeat O-line was bad enough to let rudy sack
the QB 38 to 14
NDDL99: The #3 ranked football team will defeat The #3 ranked wide receiver 35 to 17
NDSAX707: The North will defeat The South…again 40 to 22
OITLINEBACKER: The second string will score some points will defeat Can only score against the second string 45 to 10
OLDGOLD: Charlie Chan matchup no mystery: will defeat You throw fishes, we pinch loaves on you. 38 to 20
PHLSPHR: Am I the only 1 with the balls to predict ND will defeat the Wreck with a SHUT OUT? 35 to 0
PMCDND96: Quinn’s Heisman Express will defeat some irrelevant school that thinks it’s important 37
to 14
PMOOSE: Win 1 (of 13) will defeat Our Engineering school is ranked ahead of yours… 42 to 20
ROSSJAR: Civil War will defeat The War of Northern Aggression 38 to 16
SEE: Is this really a NC run? will defeat We’ve got geekier student body than ND 41 to 28
SHOBERT: Dorsey Levens North will defeat Dorsey Levens South 41 to 17
SONOFND: Our Holy Mother the Church will defeat Couldn’t Block Rudy 45 to 17
TCIRISH03: Streams of Whiskey Flowing will defeat Bottles of Whiskey Throwing 38 to 13
THECONTRARIAN: Whore of Babylon will defeat Hotlanta ’06 34 to 31
THERC: Weis Defenders Of The Faith will defeat The foul creatures that kille Mac in My Girl 38 to 20
TONY: Charlie’s Army will defeat The Chan Gailey Ballsquad 27 to 21
TONYBULLETS: Omega-3 All Stars will defeat Evan Williams and the Tuna Chuckers 41 to 13
UGOIRISH: Scalawag Papist Carpetbaggers will defeat Southern Fried Geeks 38 to 14
WEISENHEIMER: Fighting Irish will defeat Helluva Engineer, Kinda Average Football Player 31 to 21
WTF: Travis T and the Irish will defeat Sweet Tea swillin’ Tech 34 to 17

Speaking of predictions, be sure to post any predictions you see or hear by a scribe or talking head here. We’re going to keep track of their outlandish predictions and rambling inanity for an article later in the year.

~ The Rock


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